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SEO Case Study - Boosted Targeted Page Traffic by 59%

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SailPoint Technologies Inc. is an Austin Texas tech company that provides Identity management and Governance for Unstructured Data access. Sailpoint was founded in 2005 by CEO Mark McClain, Chief Strategy Officer/President Kevin Cunningham, and Jackie Gilbert.

Campaign Success

Wanting to be more present in Google search, SailPoint came to MODintelechy (the agency where I worked). They wanted to own the search rankings for specific verticals in identity security (access management, zero trust, governance, provisioning...).

Over the course of our engagement we were able to increase their “access management” related organic clicks by 341%, their “zero trust” related clicks by 800%, “governance” related clicks by 82%, and “provisioning” by 247%.

We were also helped SailPoint rank #1 in Google for key keywords like “enterprise identity governance”, “the ultimate guide to identity governance”, “identity governance & administration solution”, “identity and access management best practices”, “benefits of privileged access management”, and “identity governance administration”. This increased the organic traffic to their identity library pages (specific section of their blog) by 59%.

How We Did It

  • Authority building
  • SEO focused content production
  • On-page optimization
  • Internal linking optimization

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