Josh May

July 2022

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Current project:
Launch Date: 08/14
What it looked like end of July (ignore the red highlights):

internal links finder screenshot 1

What it looked like end of May: 
internal links finder screenshot 2

Notes From the Month

I’m so close to finishing!

The original plan was to launch mid-July but it didn't work out. The new launch date is set for 08/14.

There were two big roadblocks I hit in June. The first was a CORS security error and the other was an API authentication problem (I’m thinking of doing a Stackoverflow or Indie Hacker post on them :)). But we’re back on track.

I started on this idea at the end of May so it’s been just over 2 months and I’m excited to finish.

The next steps are:

  • Clean up CSS and make everything responsive
  • Test the app on personal tasks to see if everything is good
  • Create assets to launch (intro video, copy, thumbnails…)

That’s it :)


Pics from June

Ny and I at the Holocaust memorial in Boston:

internal links finder screenshot 2

Having a morning beer in Detroit (we missed a flight):

internal links finder screenshot 2

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