Josh May

May 2022

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This is my first “work in public” post. This will be a monthly series documenting what I’m building, with maybe some life updates too.

Naturally I like keeping things to myself, so this feels weird to start, but I have been inspired by Andrey Azimov and Tony Dinh’s work in public stories and I wanted to join the club.

This will be a quick one.

Highlights - Finding the Next Project to Build

At the end of April, I launched Since then, I’ve been taking some time off to discover new ideas and explore what to build next. Turns out, finding good ideas suuuucks.

Coming up with ideas is the easy part. But it’s finding a good idea that takes time. Over May, I filtered through 30+ ideas:

  • TilleryHQ for crypto
  • Monthly subscription tracking app
  • Dynamic infographic maker app
  • Web3 Instagram art gallery app
  • NFT badges for course creators app

But I’ve finally landed on something.  For the next two months I’ll be building an SEO tool for internal linking.

Ahrefs has a similar internal linking tool.  But this idea will make it easier for SEOs to find internal link placements on new pages as they're being published.

I began building at the end of May and have already made some good headway.

To start with, there are a bunch of great web crawlers and scrapers out there, so I haven’t had to build my own. Right now, I’m using DataForSEO’s API web crawler and so far it’s been a good experience.

Other Quick Updates

  • Updated the RedditSoftware.Reviews domain to Now I can include products as well as software ideas.
  • Migrated ReviewsOnReddit from React to NextJS
  • Added 15 new pages to
  • Updated personal website design

Personal Pics

Downtime with Dad at Zilker Botanical Garden:

internal links finder screenshot 1

My Parents exploring Zilker Botanical Garden

internal links finder screenshot 1

Me and Ny's 1 year anniversary:

internal links finder screenshot 1

Coloring at Barton Springs:

internal links finder screenshot 1

Moved from West Campus to East Austin:

internal links finder screenshot 1

That’s All For Now

Well, that’s all for now. May has been a fun month. I’m excited to see what June will bring.


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