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June 2022

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The current project I’m working on is called This new tool will help people find internal link placements for new pages to boost SEO.

At my current job, one of my many tasks is finding internal link placements. And this can get pretty tedious when working with multiple pages. That’s where this app comes in.

Instead of manually combing your website for internal link opportunities, simply add your new page and desired anchor text and will do the rest.

What it looked like last month (May):

internal links finder screenshot 1

What it looks like now (June):

internal links finder screenshot 1

Ahrefs, has a similar tool, but they only give you suggestions for existing pages. will give you suggestions for both existing and new pages.

There’s still a laundry list of work to do (creating the “start here” video, finishing the outbound links feature, fixing bugs, cleaning it up…), and launch day is July 13th (6 days away). We're on a tight deadline. Wish me luck!

What I’m Learning: Coding vs. Building

When I first started learning to code, I thought I needed to learn multiple languages before building projects. But now 11 months in, I’m learning - you don’t need to learn to code to build apps, you need to learn how to build apps to build apps.

That may sound confusing but when it comes to programming, you learn by doing.

It’s a similar idea to learning a foreign language. There are multiple ways to learn say French. You can learn by memorizing every word in the French dictionary. Or you can learn a little and then try to speak it conversationally.

At the end of the day, do you want to know a bunch of random words or do you want to learn to communicate people from a different culture?

Back to programming, do you want to memorize every syntactical difference between JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML? Or do you want to build useful things online? Yes, taking an online course can help you get started, but nothing beats practice and experience.

Other Updates

New Tools I’m Using 


  • My older bother (Pete) turned me on to this. I didn't think I'd be helpful but I ended up journaling 28 out of the 30 days in June. Huge improvement for me.

GitHub Copilot

  • GitHub just released this at the end of the month and its awesome. It can be super dumb at times but also super smart. It's like a baby super genius copilot. Sometimes it's super helpful and sometimes it's taking a nap.

Favorite songs in June

- Invisible - Paul Kalkbrenner Remix by NTO, Paul Kalkbrenner

- Blunt by Camel Power Club

What I’m reading

- Build by Tony Fadell

Life Updates - I Got Engaged!

Nyah and I got engaged :) Here’s a link to the proposal video.

internal links finder screenshot 1

Wrapping Up

That’s it for June. Hope you and your side projects are well :)


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